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Overcoming Hesitations When Hiring Commercial Cleaners

Jan 2, 2024 | Commercial Cleaning

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commercial cleanersRunning a business comes with a lot of things to think about every day, and hiring commercial cleaners is often not at the top of the list. Some business owners might feel hesitant about it due to various concerns, like cost, trust issues, or worries about harsh cleaning chemicals.

Having been in the industry for a while, I’ve noticed three common worries that business managers have when considering whether to hire a commercial cleaning company in Crossville TN. Here are these concerns along with some simple ways to ease those worries and help more business owners see the benefits of commercial cleaning.

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaners

Hesitation 1: Cost

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to hiring commercial cleaning services is the cost. Business owners sometimes wonder if it’s worth it to hire a dedicated team to come in and clean their office, restaurant, or retail space. They might think their spaces aren’t that dirty or believe that employees can handle basic cleaning tasks themselves.

As professionals, we know that outsourcing cleaning work offers a high return on investment. Offices are often much dirtier than they appear. The recent pandemic has made us all more aware of the importance of cleanliness for safety and health. It’s crucial to remind potential clients that commercial cleaning is no longer a luxury but a necessity for keeping people safe and healthy.

Cleaning companies like Cumberland Cleaners pay attention to small details that employees might overlook. They focus on high-touch areas like doorknobs and elevator buttons, vacuum regularly, and empty trash cans. All of these efforts contribute to a cleaner workspace, reducing the number of germs left behind after a day’s work.

commercial cleanersHesitation 2: Harsh Chemicals and Lingering Odors

Even if business owners understand the benefits of commercial cleaning, they might still hesitate due to concerns about strong chemicals and lingering odors. These fumes can cause headaches and disrupt productivity.

It’s essential to acknowledge these concerns as valid while explaining how they are addressed. For example, most cleaning is done during evening hours to minimize the time chemical vapors linger. Reputable cleaning companies schedule jobs when employees are not present to reduce the impact of these chemicals. If carpet cleaning is necessary, it can be done on a Friday evening so that any lingering odors are gone by Monday when employees return.

Many companies have transitioned to using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. If your company uses such products, emphasize the benefits to potential clients. Green chemicals not only eliminate the need for harmful substances and their odors but also improve indoor air quality, especially in closed office environments.

Hesitation 3: Trust and Professionalism

A common hesitation when considering a commercial cleaning service is the issue of trust. Business owners may be uncomfortable allowing outsiders into their building after hours, fearing for sensitive information or valuable equipment.

It’s up to your cleaning company to build a reputation that alleviates these concerns. Ensure your workers wear professional uniforms with name tags, making them easily identifiable to employees who may be present during evening hours.

Additionally, your cleaning company should have proper insurance, including general liability, workers’ compensation, and janitorial bond policy insurance. This demonstrates professionalism and provides reassurance to potential clients.

Understanding these hesitations and being prepared to address them can help you grow your cleaning business and convince more business owners of the value of commercial cleaning services.

Ready to elevate your business’s cleanliness? Call Cumberland Cleaners for a professional and trustworthy commercial cleaning service you can rely on!

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